Advantages of Solar Energy: Why Going Green is Gold in Central California

One of the greatest advantages of solar energy is the money you can save, and even earn, by switching to a more sustainable source of power. The immediate financial benefits to you are measurable and meaningful, but solar also has a larger positive impact on the economy, which also contributes to a better financial picture for you.

Personal Financial Advantages of Solar Energy

Switching to solar in Central California comes with several financial incentives:

  • Lower utility bills – Getting most or all of your household energy from the sun can save you thousands of dollars a year. If you participate in net metering with your local utility, you can actually make money if you produce more energy than you consume.
  • Tax credits and rebates – California has several solar programs to help you save on the cost of equipment installation. Getting these rebates and tax incentives will help you get a faster return on your investment, which means more money in your pocket.
  • Increased property value – Adding a solar power system will increase the value of your home and potentially help you sell it more quickly.

Economic Advantages of Solar Energy

While the personal financial advantages of solar energy are compelling, there are also several benefits to the local and national economy:

  • Green jobs -The growth of solar has led to an expansion of jobs for both manufacturers and installers, which is good for both the national and Central California economies.
  • Energy independence – Relying on foreign oil for energy can impact the economy, especially as the price fluctuates constantly. Doing your part to contribute to energy independence pays off.
  • Sustainability – Oil and other nonrenewable resources are in limited supply, which means that someday they will become scarce or even disappear entirely. On the other hand, solar energy will always be abundant and free. Adding a sustainable energy source to your home will help reduce consumption of limited resources and keep costs down.

If the financial and economic advantages of solar energy are important to you, work with Kurios Energy to learn how you can switch to solar. We’ll help you through every step of the process, including ensuring that your system is eligible for tax credits and rebates. Sign up for your free solar evaluation today to get started.

Which of these financial advantages of solar are the most important to you?

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