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  • Three Reasons Why Residential Solar Power Is Rapidly Growing In Central California

    Posted by Todd Filbrun on Tue, Jan 29, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

    Residential solar power has taken off like a rocket in the past couple of years, including in Central California. In addition to an increase in environmental awareness and a desire to have a smaller footprint, there are more compelling reasons for this recent surge in solar. 

    The top three reasons for rapid growth in residential solar power are:

    1. Solar panel pricing - The price of solar panels has dropped dramatically since 2008, and the trend has continued through 2012. In addition to more affordable technology, other solar-related costs have also gone down, making the investment much more attainable for the average homeowner.
    2. Solar rebates - Programs like the California Solar Initiative have been a major contributor to the growth of residential solar power in Central California. As a homeowner, you can earn cash rebates for every watt of residential solar power you have installed. The requirements include purchasing electricity from one of three designated California utility companies, having sufficient solar potential on your property, and working with a qualified provider for the installation.
    3. Solar financing - Many solar installers have worked with financial institutions to provide financing options such solar loans or leases. The ability to invest in solar without a large initial outflow of cash has contributed to the rising popularity or residential solar in Central California.

    You probably noticed that all three of these reasons are related to solar economics. The green aspects of solar simply were not enough for most homeowners to justify what used to be a prohibitive expense. However, now that residential solar has become more accessible, the benefits of switching to solar outweigh the reasons not to.

    What reasons for going solar do you find most compelling?

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