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  • How Much Will My Solar
    System Cost?

    What does solar cost?


    Many homeowners believe that they can’t go solar because it costs too much. However, with Kurios Energy’s Green Energy financing options, going solar is quick, easy, and profitable day one.

    3 Easy Options:



    Buying your solar energy system outright will be the most financially viable option over the long haul. Your money will generate the highest returns, have the quickest payback, and generate federal tax credits and utility incentives that you can use right away!

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    Kurios Energy Green Energy Loans

    We offer no money down financing options that allow you to purchase your system and start saving money day one. We offer flexible terms from 5 – 20 year payback periods and interest as low as 0% APR. Qualifying couldn’t be easier; it just takes a simple five-minute phone call!

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    Solar Leasing

    Kurios Energy also offers a leasing option for Homeowners who choose to lease rather than purchase. Leasing is another no-money-down option, and reduces your electricity bill immediately.

    We are happy to explain these options fully to help you determine what makes the most sense for you!

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    Monthly Electricity Bill Savings

    bill savings

    The graph below gives an at a glance view of when you will begin to see positive cash-flow and estimates cumulative monthly based on your unique circumstances.


    The Cost of Doing Nothing:

    over time

    Your Hedge Against Utility Inflation: Your solar power investment will protect you from utility rate hikes and electric bill inflation. The graph below represents the cost of utility bills over time. The blue line represents the utility bills you can expect if you do nothing. The green line represents the bills you can expect if you invest in clean solar power energy.


    Solar Electric Panel (PV) System Summary


    This graph will show you estimated production by month based on your location, roof direction and tilt, and system size. These examples are just a small part of a comprehensive residential solar energy proposal we provide you in order to help you make an informed decision. Call us today to get your free solar analysis and find out just how much can save with Kurios Energy!


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