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    How does solar energy work?

    Kurios Energy will walk you through an easy step-by-step process.

    solar-energy-1Step 1: Free Solar Energy Analysis

    We’ll come to you at your convenience. One of our solar consultants will provide you with a free, no obligation proposal, designed specifically for your home.

    Our consultant will show you how you can begin saving money immediately with solar energy by reducing or even eliminating your electrical bill.

    Step 2: Agreement and Financing

    Once you are convinced solar is right for you, your solar consultant will present you with mutltiple financing options and assist you in choosing the one that specifically fits your budget.

    Your solar energy consultant will then generate your personal, easy to understand, solar agreement that will lock in your long-term savings!

    IconsStep 3: Design, Engineering, and Permitting

    Our team of engineers and operations experts will complete a site survey to optimize your solar design and make sure that all required permits for your solar energy system are procured.

    With your uniquely designed system of solar panels, your solar energy system will capture energy directly from the sun, allowing you to produce your own energy, rather than pay a utility company at high electricity rates.

    IconsStep 4: 2-Day Installation

    Our team of experienced installers will install your solar energy system. For most homes, your solar system can be installed in just two days.

    We will work with the local jurisdiction to obtain final permit sign-off. We will also coordinate with your utility company to ensure that your solar system is interconnected to the grid in an easy and efficient manner.


    IconsStep 5: Immediate Savings and System Monitoring

    This is the fun part! Once we have completed your solar installation, you will see immediate savings on your electricity bill.

    Kurios Energy will monitor your solar system at interconnection to ensure your solar production is maximized, and all our panels come with system monitoring, so you can be assured that your system will produce solar energy for years to come.

    With Kurios Energy’s simple process, your residential solar system will start producing immediately, and we promise our solar energy system will reduce your electricity bill significantly![break] [break] Get a Free Quote