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  • How to Know if a Solar Power System is Right for You

    Posted by Todd Filbrun on Tue, Feb 12, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

    According to California Solar Statistics, the state leads the nation in solar projects. The number of megawatts installed each year is rapidly growing as the price of solar decreases. If you are considering joining this growing movement by installing a solar power system for your home, the first step is finding out whether it is a viable solution. 

    Several factors play a role in determining whether a solar power system will produce enough power to meet your needs. Ask yourself the following three questions to help you decide:

    1. Do you have a south-facing roof that gets sufficient sun? The orientation and size of your roof will determine how much solar power you can generate with roof-mounted panels. If the rooftop is not an option, installing panels on the ground is also an option as long as the area is not shaded.
    2. Will a solar power system fit your budget? Solar panels are certainly an investment, but the good news is, unlike other sources of electricity, a solar system will pay for itself over time. One of the reasons solar power has become more popular is the availability of financing programs like solar loans that allow you to purchase a system with no money down and fixed low monthly payments. This makes solar possible for homeowners that previously did not have access to this sustainable source of electricity.
    3. Will you save money with solar power? For many homeowners, a solar loan will actually help you save money in the long run. Your monthly utility payments will be lower, and when the system is paid off, you have the benefit of free power from the sun for the entire life of the equipment, which typically lasts much longer than the term of the loan.

    Some of these questions are better answered with the help of a professional installer who can help you estimate just how much you can save with solar.

    Why are you thinking about switching to a solar power system?

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