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  • A Side By Side Comparison of Solar Financing Options

    Posted by Todd Filbrun on Fri, Sep 14, 2012 @ 09:32 AM Investing in solar is an excellent way to cut down on utility costs and possibly even make money. However, not everybody has...
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    Central Valley Residential Power Systems: More Accessible Than Ever Before

    Posted by Todd Filbrun on Tue, Feb 05, 2013 @ 09:00 AM Residential solar power has always lagged behind the use of solar for commercial and industrial applications. After all, solar cells have been in production for space activities since the...
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    Solar Net Metering Program Expanded in California!

    Posted by Todd Filbrun on Wed, May 30, 2012 @ 11:15 AM   Electricity regulators in California expanded a program that forces utilities to buy solar electricity generated by homeowners and businesses.

    This practice which benefits owners of solar PV systems,  formerly was...

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