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    Solar Power for Non-Profit Organizations

    Kurios Energy understands that your non-profit has unique needs.


    Non-profit organizations, such as churches, schools, and other entities, usually consume a lot of electricity, however, they also have unique needs when choosing to go solar. First, your decision-making structure, typically a consensus based model, tends to translate into greater lead time, which may jeopardize the availability of temporary local rebates. Second, their financial obligations and donation structure can fluctuate greatly, making non-profit organizations more complex in terms of budgeting for your solar needs and creating additional difficulties to take advantage of conventional funding, such as commercial loans. Finally, non-profit organizations are not qualified to take direct advantage of federal tax breaks. Nonetheless, non-profits are still in need of solar energy and need innovative ways to go “green”!

    We work with you, both with your decision-makers and your existing donor base, to develop an energy solution that will dramatically reduce your electric bills, in many cases, without any upfront costs!

    Kurios Energy partners directly with Village Power, a facilitator to connect community capital into renewable solar energy projects for non-profit organizations, to fund solar energy systems.

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    Community Involvement – we believe in long-term sustainability for the community.


    Kurios Energy believes in supporting the community to develop solutions for non-profit organizations address the looming climate crisis. We’re excited to be a part of the broader adoption of renewable energy, as more and more commercial and non-commercial entities are turning to solar energy. Kurios Energy is proud to partner with local community organizations to create solar energy solutions that make sense for them!

    Community organizations not only have a strong need for renewable solutions, but they also have a strong member support to transition to clean, low-cost solar energy. That’s why we partner with non-profit organizations, finance groups, and community members to give your community organization the ability to control your own energy and economic futures and to give voice to the strong desire we hear from the members of those organizations who want to move toward a renewable energy future.

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