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  • The Kurios Energy Advantage

    The Kurios Energy Advantage



    Energy Portfolio Management (EPM)

    Strategy: Energy Independence Strategic Analysis


    What we do.

    We maximize your investment through careful energy independence planning and management.

    Our analysis includes the following:

    • Consumption Pattern Analysis
    • Demand Pattern Analysis
    • Rate Structure Analysis
    • Time of Use Pattern Analysis
    • Facility Efficiency Analysis
    • Rebate Analysis

    This comprehensive approach allows us to create and present an efficient, money-saving recommendation so that you can begin managing and producing your own energy, while savings thousands per year on electricity.


    Operating Plan: Value Engineering


    Kurios Energy designs the size and type of solar energy system based on the ability to offset most of your current cost for electricity, which the solar industry refers to as avoided cost.

    The high value solar kWh produced in the peak summer time period helps offset the high usage activity during the fall processing months by maximizing the solar production during summer peak and summer off-peak time periods.

    Kurios Energy will also look at other energy independence needs, such as whether a multi-meter system is necessary for your business, potential infrastructure upgrades, and utility needs to maximize your system.

    This value engineering package will not only allow you to be energy independent, but will execute your renewable energy solution in the most cost-effective way.

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    Execution and Installation


    Kurios Energy will handle the execution and installation efficiently so that you don’t have to worry about interrupting your commercial activities while in process.

    Kurios Energy’s innovative, turnkey solar electric solutions are offered through a comprehensive process that takes the customer’s system purchase from concept to completion.

    There is no faster, easier way to obtain a cost-saving, environmentally friendly solar electric system for your facility.

    The major activities included in our end-to-end process include:

    • Perform site feasibility studies and rate analysis
    • Engineer a comprehensive, optimized design
    • Manage the project implementation
    • Construct and install a quality system
    • Install real-time, web-based monitoring
    • Provide on-going operations and maintenance support

    Kurios Solar Energy System Performance & Monitoring

    Monitoring & tracking power output is critical to making sure your system is fully operational and your investment is maximized.That’s why Kurios Energy has a full service monitoring for your system performance.

    With the ability to review PV system output on a daily/monthly/annual basis, you can be alerted to any irregularities in the system’s power generation, and repairs or adjustments can be made quickly to minimize downtime.

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    Full-Service Commercial Solar

    Kurios Energy is a full-service commercial and industrial solar panel installation service provider, from expert in-house design, permitting, and installation to utility interconnection and rebate paperwork. We will work with you and for you, from Concept to Completion of your project.

    Quality Process

    Kurios Energy emphasizes quality not only on the panels and software, but also our people and our process. We have one of the best teams in the solar industry. Our experts have many years of solar and construction experience. And, our staff goes perfectly with our “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    Competitively Priced Systems

    Kurios Energy works hard to make sure your system and process is managed efficiently to ensure the most cost effective energy independence package for you.

    We won’t just give you an expensive installation quote, we’ll give you a comprehensive money-saving approach with a structure that works for your budget. We also have developed strong relationships with our suppliers, so that we can pass along volume discounts to our valued customers.

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