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    Agriculture Solar Power

    SAVINGS – keep your bottom line profitable


    One of your biggest priorities is to keep your bottom line profitable.

    Solar energy is one of the leading, most practical investments a business can make to control electricity rates and increase bottom line revenue. And, at Kurios Energy, meeting your business goals is one of our biggest priorities. In many of our client’s cases, we start saving your business money year one! By taking advantage of large government incentives and MACRS deprecation, you can also get as much as 70% of the system cost paid for!

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    SECURITY – control your power prices


    Solar provides long-term security for your business.

    By leveling your cost of energy and hedging against rising energy costs, you can ensure electricity rates that are secure for many years to come. Since electricity rates have gone up every year for the past several decades by 6 – 8%, you can be sure that electricity rates will continue to rises. However, with Kurios Energy, energy production can be a fixed cost simply by having us design and install your solar system today.

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    SUSTAINABILITY – Become certified sustainable farming


    Becoming sustainable certified is especially important in the agricultural industry. Making use of renewable energy sources, like solar energy, is sustainable and ecology friendly. At Kurios Energy, we partner with farmers to develop sustainable practices by using solar panels to store solar energy for later use. Whether food processing, pumping irrigation water, and the running chillers and heaters, we can help lower your demand, produce your own energy and save you money. We also evaluate your entire energy efficiency portfolio to ensure that your agricultural business is comprehensively sustainable.

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